A view from the position in No Man's Land of June 1915 looking towards Ieper (Ypres)

The British front line from which the Liverpool Scottish attacked on the 16th June 1915 is approximately marked today by the edge of the green field depicted in the photograph. The Menin Road is to the left of the farm buildings on the left of the picture.

It was near here in May 1915 that the poet Julian Grenfell, whilst accompanying his general was badly wounded.  He was taken to Boulogne Hospital where he was visited by his family, including his brother - the Hon. "Billie" Grenfell. He died shortly afterwards. "Billie" returned to his unit and was killed in action on 30th July 1915  attacking with the Rifle Brigade near Hooge, just a short distance from where Julian had been badly wounded the previous May. Julian is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. "Billie" has no known grave but his name is on the Menin Gate Memorial.

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