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In February 1918 the 11th Royal Sussex were transferred to a new sector north of Peronne in front of the Hindenberg Line moving to a position near a wood called Gauche Wood. On their way to the front they stopped just outside Peronne at Mont St. Quentin a position to be lost the following month but brilliantly re-captured by the Australians on 31st August 1918. This is a photograph of the Memorial to the 2nd Australian Division who were instrumental in taking it from the enemy.

The original memorial was blown up by the Germans in 1940 but reconstructed after WW2. The original memorial depicted an Australian soldier killing the "German Eagle". The new memorial is one modelled on a typical "digger" and not so controversial perhaps.

The man looking at the memorial is the present Earl Haig son of the Great War general, a man who in the WW2 was taken prisoner and spent a considerable length of time as a German POW in Colditz.

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